What I Do

I have a wide range of experience in state and federal appeals and trials, including commercial, intellectual property, antitrust, personal injury and health care litigation.  In addition to handling a full range of civil appellate matters in state and federal courts in a variety of industries and types of suits, I have extensive experience in dispositive motion practice, error preservation, jury charge practice, and post-trial motions.

Appeals & Extraordinary Writs

I have experience in all aspects of  appellate practice, from filing original proceedings in courts of appeals to filing and defending against appeals after trial court proceedings.  

I work with my clients to carefully assess the likelihood of success on appeal, considering the procedural and substantive issues presented in the trial court.  After reviewing the trial court record, I conduct legal research to determine the best arguments on appeal, draft the appellate briefs, and, if appropriate, present oral argument to the court.  My familiarity with the appellate process and practice makes me an invaluable asset to a case on appeal.

Trial Support, Jury Charge, and Motions Practice

Every trial presents many issues that, unless handled properly, may support an appeal.  In particular, the formulation of the jury charge—the instructions and questions presented to the jury to decide the case—can easily affect the outcome on appeal.  Post-trial motions also affect the outcome on appeal and even determine which issues may be raised on appeal.  As a result, adding the expertise of an appellate lawyer to the trial team for drafting the jury charge and post-trial briefing is instrumental.  

While at Vinson & Elkins, I would work closely with trial teams throughout the preparation of a case for trial and attend trial to assist the trial team with the jury charge and other difficult issues that inevitably arise at trial.   My experience drafting and arguing jury charges, and motion practice before, during and after trial, greatly assists trial teams to place the client in the best possible position for a favorable outcome at trial and on appeal.

Litigation Consultation

Every good trial lawyer knows that preparation for the appeal starts the moment a client walks in the door.   
So I also offer litigation consulting services, bringing the appellate perspective to assist trial counsel in developing strategy and preserving error during the pretrial and trial process, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome on appeal.  These services offer a vital advantage to any trial team.

Amicus Curiae Practice

Some appeals address issues that may affect groups or individuals beyond the immediate litigants.  I have extensive experience in preparing amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs.  These briefs are designed to effectively inform the court of the broader issues involved as well as the stakeholders that may be affected by the court's decision.  These briefs, while similar in form to the appellate briefs of the parties, are unique and, to be effective, require experience and incite into the courts and appellate practice.